Send Money to
ANY mobile number
ANY time from ANY Bank
in South Africa

Zaka allows customers to send and receive money to and from friends and family using any participating bank ATM any time of day in South Africa.


Zaka is a web app, available on both mobile and desktop, that provides a P2P payment solution to South Africans. The problem we are solving is the inability of the different bank e money solutions to be compatible. We provide a platform where ANY South African, with a mobile number and with or without a bank account can be able to send and receive money to friends and family. With Us, you choose which bank you want to make the transfer to, and which bank you want to withdraw from. Our platform is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week on any desktop or mobile phone with a browser. We plan to offer USSD, native applications, and business wallets in the near future.


Account No: xxxxxxxxxxx

Branch Code: xxxx

Account No: xxxxxxxxxxx

Branch Code: xxxx

Account No: xxxxxxxxxxx

Branch Code: xxxx

Account No: xxxxxxxxxxx

Branch Code: xxxx

Account No: xxxxxxxxxxx

Branch Code: xxxx


Transfer money from your online banking or banking app to a Zaka Mobile Solutions business bank account specifying the recipients mobile number

Recipients receives notifications of the deposit into their Zaka Wallet Account via SMS.

Recipients then logs into the Zaka web app on their mobile or desktop to view the recent account deposit

On the Web App, the recipient can then choose to withdraw by clicking on the withdraw menu and then specify the bank they would like to withdraw the funds from.

The recipient will then receive an SMS from the bank they chose to withdraw from notifying them of the details of how they can withdraw the money(eWallet, Cashsend, InstantMoney, SendiMali or a Capitec account direct deposit


Available 24/7

Use the current bank ATM network infrastructure that is available around the country anytime of the day


Avoid having to deal with bad customer service that is sometimes experienced at some service providers

101 Options

Do not be restricted to using a specific bank, but all of the bank's we have partnered with to make your transfers and withdrawals

Avoid long queues

Instead of waiting 30 minutes or more and finally being told the system is down, use the network of ATM's that is always available with more than one ATM's on average


Please make sure you transfer to Zaka account of your bank to avoid high charges

Should you deposit at ATM, please understand that deposit fees will be deducted from your account

Make sure to TRIPE CHECK the mobile number before proceeding

Always Keep your BANK DEPOSIT SLIP for proof of deposit

If you not sure of RECIPIENTS,MOBILE,NUMBER send to your mobile number and then send them money from your profile